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The fact that the code generation bits can be called as a web service allows a pretty high degree of flexibility. Sure it's easy to come back to my site and use what I've built, but surely, someone could build a better interface to my code generation methods, or integrate their own code generation apps.

The interface I've built is not exactly where I want it right now (hence the Alpha label). It's poor on explanation on a lot of levels.

With your modification, it's failing because of a couple of things:
Foreign keys must be named exactly the same is the primary key in the foreign table. So, the foreign key cat_id in the "localTable" must have a matching primary key in "foreignTable".

Also, the FK/PK columns must be something_id (with emphasis on the underscore). Again, this is not ideal, and the only place where it's an issue is when joins are concerned. Currently the interface fails if the join query can't be created. Not ideal.

Aaron Johnson made some good suggestions of where this app can go, and it's actually not hard at all because I've created each "snippet" generator in it's own method (that can also be access via a webservice call).


Now, when I can actually find time to do it is another question.

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one of these days i simply must read up on web services

why would i want a code generator as a web service?

can't i just bookmark your page and come back to it, michael?

anyhow, here's my a small modification of your sample code --


the part that is not clear to visitors is whether that first line needs to
in there or not, and whether the trailing comma isn't really a typo

but your sample code runs, and my slight modification won't

thought i'd let you know

contact me offlist if you want me to do additional testing

nice job


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