[thelist] CD-R disc ?

pitbull evolt.org at purplepaste.com
Mon Mar 3 15:43:01 CST 2003

I used these business card-CDs last year for a Flash-based sales
presentation.  I can't speak for the recording process, as we outsourced the
production and labeling, but they played fine in most of the machines in the
office (the exception was a couple of ancient DEC machines that were being
kept around for testing purposes).

They should work with any tray-loading drive that is not too old.  I
interpret the warning on the box to be referring to:

caddy-style:  The old-school 1x and 2x drives that required the disc to be
loaded into a sealed plastic "caddy" and then inserted into the drive.

front-loading:  front slot loading drives, resembling a car CD player.  i
know Pioneer used to make these.  I wouldn't risk attempting to play a
mini-CD in one of these, as I'd be afraid it would never come out...


> This weekend, when I was out looking for some CD-R discs....I
> found something that made me curious.  The store I was in had CD-R discs
> that were in the shape of a business card.  I thought these would be
> great to send to potential clients - very memorable...so, I read the box
> and it said that they couldn't be written with "caddy style or front
> loading CD-RW drives".  Now, I've used the mini-CD-R discs for awhile,
> and found that they *do* make an impression on businesses when presented
> with them....so, I'm thinking that these business card size ones would
> make even more of an impression - BUT, I don't want to spend the money
> if I'm not going to be able to write to them, or if my potential clients
> won't be able to read them.

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