[thelist] Session Variables ... Solved!

Rob Smith rob.smith at THERMON.com
Mon Mar 3 15:59:01 CST 2003

Have you tried adding
  Response.Expires = -5000
somewhere near the top of your page (i.e. before anything has been written)?


(Singing) Yahhhooooooo!! thanks Jason.

<tip type="Response.Expires What is it?" author="Rob.Smith">
The Expires property sets how long (in minutes) a page will be cached on a
browser before it expires. If a user returns to the same page before it
expires, the cached version is displayed.


Parameter Description
number  The time in minutes before the page expires

The following code indicates that the page will never be cached:

:-) setting response.Expires=-5000 still indicates the page will never be

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