[thelist] CD-R disc ?

Todd todd at tofuku.com
Mon Mar 3 18:35:01 CST 2003

I have seen those business card cd roms blow two super drives out. I am
told they do this commonly by a Mac tech. Just a warning


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Hi all!
	This one will probably merit a tip from me - I will send it by
the end of the day.
	This weekend, when I was out looking for some CD-R discs....I
found something that made me curious.  The store I was in had CD-R discs
that were in the shape of a business card.  I thought these would be
great to send to potential clients - very memorable...so, I read the box
and it said that they couldn't be written with "caddy style or front
loading CD-RW drives".  Now, I've used the mini-CD-R discs for awhile,
and found that they *do* make an impression on businesses when presented
with them....so, I'm thinking that these business card size ones would
make even more of an impression - BUT, I don't want to spend the money
if I'm not going to be able to write to them, or if my potential clients
won't be able to read them.
	I've done a lot of hardware work in the past, but have *never*
seen this distinction made in CD-RW drives, I'm wondering if my brain is
just dead from writing too much code in the past 12 hours, and that's
why the distinction isn't registering....ANY light anyone could shed on
this would be *deeply* appreciated!!

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