[thelist] Re: Vignette = no doctype?

Cory Maylett maylett at myrealbox.com
Mon Mar 3 22:19:00 CST 2003

Ahhh, good old Vignette StoryServer. Now that brings back memories. I used
to head up up a daily newspaper Web site, and we bought a Vignette system
running out of Sybase. Hey, it was fantastic at the time (5 years ago). I
doubt that too many companies have a real need to "graduate" to it now
though. It has its pluses for huge mega-sites with a content-driven
philosophy (well, maybe), but in general, less flexibility than php, more
difficult to code (tcl plus Vignette's proprietary limitations), costs
several tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars (haven't checked their
prices lately) and still doesn't generate decent code without a Herculean


> We implemented an 'interim' php/postgres cms for a corporate client after
> winning the contract to redesign their site.  After about 8 months, they
> 'graduated' to vignette, but we kept doing the frontend work.
> Within a month, the whole site started falling apart.  It was an old school
> deep-table layout, and tables were breaking all over, css got fuxored, etc.
> Sure enough, no doctypes, which wreaked ie6 havoc.
> As I understand it, if you want vignette to generate valid x/html you have
> to pay a tcl programmer a great deal of money to modify the vignette
> install.

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