[thelist] Creating Sub-Domains (IIS5)

Michele Foster michele at wusc.ca
Tue Mar 4 11:13:01 CST 2003

Hi Folks,

I'm hoping some kind soul will take pity on me and at steer me in the right direction.

I need to have created "testing.clientname.com" sub-domain .. or something of a similar nature.  This editing on the live site that's usual here is rather dangerous, and I'm in the process of redoing the entire site but working with just PWS isn't going to suffice once I need to have others in-house provide comments/testing, etc.

Anyway, I'm so NOT a server person .. and the MIS guys here really have no idea how to set this up.  Our web server is in-house, Win2k Server.  Our DNS is actually provided by a third-party (cable host I think).  They have not yet determined how to set-up (but haven't looked too closely either) http://clientname.com  instead of requiring the www in front.  Apparently we have an intranet but I've yet to find it nor figure out how it's configured. ;)

So, can anyone tell me how to do these two things?

testing.clientname.com (if this can ONLY be accessible with a password or restrict IP access that would be better)

References, how-to tutorials would be much appreciated.  I'm not even sure what to look for. ;)



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