[thelist] IIS5 Redirects

Michele Foster michele at wusc.ca
Tue Mar 4 11:18:01 CST 2003

Hi folks,

Second question of the day .. we're converting our entirely static (html) files to dynamic (asp) driven files.  A big concern will be links to our existing site.  I know I've done it with Apache before, redirecting all *.html links to *.asp instead.  But can I do something similar on Win2K server?  How?

Also, *most* of the time, the new site will keep the same file name as before and it will just be the extension that will change from html to asp.  However, I'm guessing 10-25% of the documents we have now will really change their file name (deleted, moved to an entirely new section, etc.).  Is there a way to redirect these as well?  e.g. page2.html --> page56.asp



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