[thelist] [iis5] [CF] "mp3raid.com" blocking referrer

Paul Bennett paul at teltest.com
Tue Mar 4 16:05:01 CST 2003

Erik Mattheis wrote:

> I'm having trouble with site mentioned in the subject - they make a
> business of stealing other people's bandwidth by directly linking to
> mp3's.

Erik - that sucks. This may be a dumb question, but can you check server
logs for mp3's requested by said imorral site?
This will give you the domain and ip of the buggers in question. If this
doesn't give you the domain you can run a reverse dns script (I have one
in php if you need it) to pick out the domain names attched to the ip's.

I am not sure how big your site is, but you may consider moving the
mp3's and running all mp3 requests through a script like:
The script can then process the request and deny the offending site
(based on ip or domain sent in the http header) from the mp3 (set a nice
delay on the script in this case so they get a big fat lag at their end
when trying to request a file ;) )

Just some suggestions, any more knowledgable help from thelist?

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