[thelist] Relevancy Algorithm for ASP

Wade Armstrong wade_lists at runstrong.com
Wed Mar 5 14:04:40 CST 2003

on 3/5/03 11:33 AM, Rob Smith at rob.smith at THERMON.com wrote:

> Ok. Did I do something wrong? I scoped out the CONTAINS and CONTAINSTABLE
> queries on M$'s site, and I used their examples. Of course I tried running
> the queries as they are and it threw errors: Categories is not full-text
> indexed. So I used the full-text indexing wizard and did it on the columns
> requested of the queries. So I go back and use the queries:
> What did I do wrong? or what still needs to be done?

It's probably what still needs to be done. I've never used EM to set up
full-text indexing and searching, I've always run SQL scripts in QA. To set
up full-text indexing on a column in a table, you have to:

EXEC sp_fulltext_database 'enable'

EXEC sp_fulltext_catalog '[catalogname]', 'Create'

EXEC sp_fulltext_table '[tablename]', 'Create', '[catalogname]', '[table
primary key name]'

EXEC sp_fulltext_column '[tablename]', '[columname]', 'add'

EXEC sp_fulltext_table '[tablename]', 'Activate'

EXEC sp_fulltext_catalog '[catalogname]', 'start_full'

The last sproc is particularly important as the full-text search runs off of
the catalog, rather than directly scanning the table, so you must populate
the catalog before you can get search results.

Try looking up more info on these sprocs in BOL, that should give you the
full info on all of the input they need to take and there are usually
examples of how to execute commands in EM and in T-SQL.


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