[thelist] Flash Security Hole

John Dowdell jdowdell at macromedia.com
Wed Mar 5 14:27:01 CST 2003

At 2:29 PM 3/4/3, Norman Bunn wrote:
> Macromedia Reports Critical Hole In Flash Player
> http://computerworld.com/newsletter/0%2C4902%2C79003%2C0.html?nlid=AM

We defined it as a "critical" update, because we do prefer that people
update to eliminate the chance of someone actually creating an exploit. In
that article it got changed around to "critical hole".

I believe the InfoWorld author has since updated their copy, although I
don't know if they syndicated out to ComputerWorld.

Summary: Yes, it's better to use the current version than a back version.
It's about 500K, downloads in a Flash.

At 2:34 PM 3/4/3, Jeremy Weiss wrote:
> Define Irony. A flash advertisement on a page with a news
> article about a security hole in flash player.  ;)

I would call it more "appropriate contextual info" than irony, myself.... ;-)


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