[thelist] Macromedia.com redesigned

John Handelaar john at evolt.org.uk
Wed Mar 5 18:11:01 CST 2003

On Wed, 2003-03-05 at 23:52, Erik Mattheis wrote:
> Yeah, the teeming hordes of blind wanna be web developers with
> incompatible screen readers that happen to look into buying software
> while MM's home page is in beta, and Linux freaks too cantankerous to
> bother rolling over to a computer set up similarly to 99.9% of the
> Internet's population before they start spewing off That. They've.
> Made. Up. Their. Minds. And. Everyone. Who's. Ideas. Are. Different.
> Than. Theirs. Is. Wrong. Period.

Yeah.  There are no CF developers in Linux.  There are no
software purchasers using Linux.  There are no IT people
in support using Linux.  There's no such thing as a user
who's machine is locked down to prevent upgrades. There
are no *nix-on-the-desktop Fortune 500 companies.
Only blind people are affected by usability mistakes.

Got anything constructive to add, Erik?  If it's just
going to be the usual abuse from you, keep it off the
list, please.

John Handelaar

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