[thelist] is evolt dot org shutting down?

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Thu Mar 6 01:59:01 CST 2003

> From: "Mark Groen" <mark at markgroen.com>
> Hmmm, not really been following this thread and aardvark nor other
> admin has stepped as far as I can tell so far, prolly 'cause it's
> close to midnight out here in the Pacific, so let's take a guess...

actually, i'm still packing for SXSW, and i have to be up in 3 hours,
so i'm gonna keep this short... i hope...

rudy addressed this (albeit briefly) earlier today:

> How many members are there for evolt now? Gotta be well over 16K,

as of this writing, 3,567 members on thelist, 183 members on thechat,
108 members on theforum, and a bunch more on the other lists we host
here... not to mention evolt.org (uk) hosts the css-d list as well...

> Now add in the juice required for the free databases and attendant
> servers for the meo services. Okay, forgot that it's getting a bit
> pricey here just for the hardware and "free" software isn't it?

and shift hosting again for the second time in less than year... and
new hardware, software, consolidation, etc...

> Oh yeah, evolt.org has an invaluable public web site that gets a fair
> amount of traffic too!

stats for february 2003 for *just* the public site (thanks to dean,
posted on theforum):
(Figures in parentheses refer to the 7-day period ending 02-Mar-2003
Successful requests: 3,778,046 (829,659)
Average successful requests per day: 134,930 (118,522)
Successful requests for pages: 1,464,399 (300,674)
Average successful requests for pages per day: 52,299 (42,953)
Distinct files requested: 233,625 (91,414)
Distinct hosts served: 246,712 (66,860)
Data transferred: 32.002 Gbytes (7.018 Gbytes)
Average data transferred per day: 1.142 Gbytes (1.002 Gbytes)

this doesn't count the >120Gb/month that browsers.evolt.org uses,
which we've been able to handle thanks to the gracious donations of
some mirrors (see browsers.evolt.org to see who)...

> Methinks that of all things considered by the powers that be, that
> this public traffic gets first priority in the commercial scheme of
> things but not by disregarding the value of the FREE exchange of ideas
> among evolt members, but by utilizing the power of the public mass
> available by virtue of the membership itself. That need may over ride
> the desire to offer the (expensive to maintain and free) perk of your
> own semi-tweakable virtual server from meo.

erm, yeah, what he said...

we needed to cut somewhere, and the meo service is a big time and
resource hit for us, considering our lack of funds, lack of real
staff, and lack of time from the volunteers we do have (who are
dedicated bunch of monkeys, i might add)...

so, no, all the other services offered by evolt.org in general are
still a go... we've even expanded some of them (more browser archive
mirrors, taking on the hosting of css-d, improvements to underlying
architecture of site, etc.), but those can be mostly done without
added costs...

so, if we're going to offer a service, we're going to do it well...
when we can't do it well anymore, we'll defer to those who can and
pull those over-extended resources back into the beast to be deployed
elsewhere -- perhaps to get our other projects off the ground (there
are at least two in the works)...

so, don't worry about any of the other services, folks, we're here to
stay, like it or not...

and i'm now going to bed...



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