[thelist] What is a "wiki"?

James Baster evolt at thesinner.co.uk
Thu Mar 6 12:07:00 CST 2003

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> >They're a kind of page network - everybody can edit or create new ones.
> >Or in some cases, just registred users. And there might be some with
> >more varied rulesets.
> Wow! This is very interesting. I had no idea such a thing existed. Thanks
> to everyone who replied :) I may just have to start a wiki on my own site
> now...
> Sarah

One of the heavy uses of Wikis is privetaly at companies, for Documentation
& Technical notes. Anyone can contribute so there ideal. Personally, I think
there usage is very limited (I dont think there suitable to discussion
situations like this where a email list or bulletin board would do better.)
but in the right case, they can be fantastic. We had one at the place where
I was a sysadmin this summer.

Carefull of public Wikis to :- they are often abused by spammers and others.
Usually there are more honest users than bad, so it works out ok in the end.


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