[thelist] SQL Book Online

Paul Cowan evolt at funkwit.com
Thu Mar 6 16:44:05 CST 2003

Josh wrote:
> I know the basics of SQL and really want to get to the next level.  It
> to me that all of the tutorials that I have seen online keep rehashing the
> basics over and over again.  Does anyone know of an in depth tutorial that
> explains HOW different SQL queries are interpreted by the SQL parser e.g.
> how the computer thinks?  It would be really helpful in developing my own
> queries.

Not an online tutorial, but a book (though it comes with a CD which includes
a searchable electronic version of the entire book text), which I cannot
recommend highly enough: Inside SQL Server 2000, by Kalen Delaney.


(disclaimer: I've actually only read the SQL Server 7.0 version, but I can
only assume the 2000 one is as good)

Gives you a great deal of insight into the internal workings of SQL Server
at an intermediate level. Good for moving beyond 'beginner' stages.

(of coure, if you're going to buy it online, you should support evolt.org
as you do so:

And don't forget the SQL Server Books Online, which are optionally installed
as part of a SQL Server Installation. Very helpful, if a little dry.



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