[thelist] Red Hat

Taz taz at freshegg.com
Fri Mar 7 05:28:01 CST 2003

Hey Andrew,

I had it installed about three weeks ago but moved onto Mandrake 9.0
because I wanted Gnome 2.0 and previously failed to compile it via
garnome :o)

Bewares? None really, it installed perfectly for me first time however
each install is dependant to the system and thus most of the time it's
luck of the draw :o)

Suggestion: If you're a PHP or PERL programmer who uses Linux (there is
a windows version but I haven't tested it) I seriously recommend Komodo

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I am going to download and install Red Hat onto an old W98 OS can anyone
give me any personal bewares before do this... please don't search
google for me, I want to know personal experience from the list


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