[thelist] Red Hat

Kae Verens kverens at contactjuggling.org
Fri Mar 7 05:52:01 CST 2003

Andrew wrote:
> I am going to download and install Red Hat onto an old W98 OS can anyone give me
> any personal bewares before do this... please don't search google for me, I want
> to know personal experience from the list

I run RedHat 8 on an old 200MHz computer at home.

The only gotcha I'd have to mention is the window manager. KDE and Gnome
come as default with RedHat. These are real memory hogs and very slow on
old computers. I'd recommend you download a copy of blackbox
(blackbox.sourceforge.net) and install that.

Apart from that - I've had no problems with RedHat in a few years (my
first install was 5.1 - which came with a copy of Doom!)


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