[thelist] Red Hat

Andrew andrew at humanbehaviour.co.uk
Fri Mar 7 10:13:00 CST 2003

Many Thanks to abbey, jeb, Liam, Kae and Taz.

I have had Debian for nearly two years and I will turn it on every month or so
and realise somethying new about it like the winmodem :( problem and I thought
that it would be easier to start a fresh using Redhat.  I guess I will have to
address some of the same problems so will stich with Debian for now and keep the
win98 in tact.

Thank you all most appreciated


>Subject: Re: [thelist] Red Hat
>On Fri March 7 2003 5:16 am, Andrew wrote:
>> I am going to download and install Red Hat onto an old W98 OS can anyone
>> give me any personal bewares before do this... please don't search google
>> for me, I want to know personal experience from the list
>> Andrew
>My first few attempts at Linux were not very successful, but RedHat 7.2 went
>smoothly -- I put the disc in and it asked me for partition information and
>so forth. When I tried SuSE, it didn't recognize my monitor or video card and
>I had a real mess. My machine has a winmodem, so even RH couldn't handle
>that. I bypassed the problem by hooking up an external modem and I use that
>when dialing out (yeah, I'm still on dial-up).
>Since you're downloading it, are you going to burn it to disc(s) and then boot
>off the disc? If so, be careful about burning the iso image -- I've read
>where people have had some problems with that.
>I've since installed 8.0 (I didn't upgrade, just started over), and the
>install went fine. 8.0 even went on the old 233 laptop I have and I had tried
>Debian several times.
>Definitely try to know what's in your box before installing. If you have
>enough hard drive, try going with partitioning and dual-booting just in case.
>I know I was glad to have the Windows side a few times when I was trying to
>get to the 'net for info.
>Depending on how old the machine is, go with one desktop -- I prefer KDE, but
>others prefer Gnome. For me, KDE was a little easier for my transition from
>windows. I'm even doing some things from the command line, but after years of
>point-n-click, well, I'm not about to go totally nuts 8-)
>linuxnewbie.org was also very helpful at first, I see they're now
>One other thing -- the rpm system makes me nuts when trying to install/upgrade
>software. apt-get for rpm is at http://apt-rpm.tuxfamily.org/ -- there's also
>Synaptic (a gui) for apt-get on redhat, but opening a terminal window and
>typing apt-get install {program} just makes my life easy.
>It's been about a year and other than doing things like buying the wrong jet
>printer (google for linux printers since there are lists of linux-compatible
>hardware out there), RedHat has been great. I lost xmms for my internet
>radio, but RealPlayer (yes, well, I like my radio) is now available in rpm. I
>can burn cd's, download images from that crappy little camera that won't work
>on the family's XP machine, play dvd's (but they are a little skippy), read
>word docs and open pdfs as well as zipped files. I'm not wild about the gimp,
>but that's o.k., I do keep a Win machine around just in case. Bluefish is
>_not_ HKit, but oh well. The Win machine is networked into the Linux box so
>we share the connection and files sometimes (I don't have Samba working
>right, so I use Win SCP to get files back and forth). One of my Windows
>friends finds it funny that I have the windows partition mounted on the Linux
>side and use it for some of my back-ups.

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