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Taz taz at freshegg.com
Fri Mar 7 10:47:11 CST 2003

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Hello folks,

I am looking for the advice of webmasters who run large portal websites
which allow free-speech and general member interaction at most levels
(Forums, Guestbook's, News commenting and such).

I run a website [Planet-Tolkien.com] of this nature and recently we have
been having many issues with people who's sole intent is on destroying
the website and making a moderators job a living nightmare.

Luckily within PostNuke, the content management system we use and the
custom modules I have also written we have included IP logging. It is my
intention to simply write an IP ban list/script which monitors a
visitors IP address, if it matches that of a black listed one it will
either redirect them, show a message or reduce that users privileges
within the website.

However, I would like to hear from webmasters who have had similar
issues and how you resolved them if at all?

Thanks in advance.

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