[thelist] lowsrc in XHTML

Bill Mason evolt at accessibleinter.net
Fri Mar 7 11:19:01 CST 2003

At 03:59 AM 3/7/2003, danielEthan wrote:
>With XHTML 1.1, something similar can be achieved with nested <object>
>elements, something like:
><object data="trailer.mpeg" type="video/mpeg" height="90" width="160">
>   <object data="screen_shot.jpeg" type="image/jpeg"height="90"
>     <p>
>      <a href="trailer.mpeg">Download the trailer</a> or
>      <a href="screen_shot.jpeg">look at a screen shot</a>.
>     </p>
>   </object>
>Courtesy of Toby A Inkster, found at

I haven't played with such a technique lately, but in the past I've found
IE has a bug where it will try to render both object tags on your page
instead of just the outermost one, so I stay away from nesting them.

Bill Mason
Accessible Internet
evolt at accessibleinter.net

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