[thelist] changing link text on-the-fly with JavaScript

Sarah poohbear at designshift.com
Fri Mar 7 12:11:02 CST 2003

>You'll also notice that "Open in new window" and "Save target as" don't
>work. However, if you "Copy Shortcut" and paste into the address bar is
>*does* work. I'm now entering the world of educated guessing, but I
>noted that the URL in the code was "D:\foo\bar.csv". However, IE
>intuited the "file:///" at the beginning of the path when I copied it.
>Perhaps it may work if the "file:/// is actually inserted in the path
>within the code?
> > The code is here (this is a somewhat pared down copy of the
> > original form, which is too long to force on any helpful
> > evolters): http://sarah.designshift.com/test.html

I tried including "file:///" in the path (in the code) as well, and it
doesn't make any difference. This is very frustrating, cause I see that it
is getting the path to the file, it just won't open it :(

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