[thelist] Most popular search engines

Aaron Johnson lists at cephas.net
Fri Mar 7 12:42:01 CST 2003

hi John,

> Sorry if this is a FAQ, but does anyone know a site that provides data on
> which are the most popular search engines?
 -- I saw the other posts after this that mentioned the search engine watch
statistics and such... I think one thing to mention is that the type of site
you run (ie: the content you have) will in some ways determine who you get
traffic from. For example, on my blog, which has some technical information,
among other stuff, 85% of the searches come from google.  On
karensrecipes.com (a site I run for fun), google is still the leader, but
it's more like 45% google, 30% yahoo... etc...

anyone else have any stats like this?


Aaron Johnson
ajohnson at cephas.net

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