[thelist] Forms- save and load

Steve Hasz steve at roatanet.com
Fri Mar 7 12:42:10 CST 2003

I'm not sure what you mean by save and load, but I have a PHP script I use
for clients.  It is pretty good, in that it sends a customized auto-reply to
the visitor's mail (good way to slip into their mailbox), uses a customized
reply on the reply page and checks to see if the required fields are filled
in.  You can have this form free of charge if you want it.

What I'm wondering though is if someone has built a GREAT form for PHP.  It

-Have required fields
-Have a customizable auto response to emails
-Have a great email checking script, looking for an @, a period, and
something before and after each, and a domain of at least 2 characters
(unless you are expecting emails from x.com).  If something's not filled in,
it should have an error message below that field in the form.
-A customizable reply page that it sends the user to.

<<Does anyone know of a good example, tutorial, or point me in the right
direction to loading and saving a form in php? Willing to pay for a good

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