[thelist] Mozilla breaking a table layout...

danielEthan daniel at ionize.net
Fri Mar 7 15:15:00 CST 2003

> Can anyone shed some light on this?

Hi Chris. I added a <br clear="all"> right before the table and that
fixed it. I'm not sure what's causing your problem, but given the table
inside a table inside a table inside a table... I can see where
problems might arise. You may also want to validate your pages. While
no issues with this problem popped up, there are some missing alt tags
and what not.

I'm not going to preach the semantic web. I've done tableless sites,
but I don't think they're ready for primetime, at least with a client
such as yours. Probably a lot of people on WebTV and old AOL browsers.
But you may want to consider simplifying how many tables you are using
for layout, and add embellishments that  aren't integral to the content
in css.

Good luck.

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