[thelist] reckless abuse of flash

Tom Dell'Aringa pixelmech at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 7 15:40:01 CST 2003

--- Mike Migurski <mike at saturn5.com> wrote:
> After all the talk of macromedia.com yesterday, I though the list
> would
> get a kick out of the most beautiful, pretensious, elegant, and
> confusing flash site... http://eccentris.com
> I never got to see Boo.com when it was in its heyday, but I
> imagined it to be something like eccentris.

Ohhhh Mike this doesn't even COMPARE to what Boo.com was in its
heyday! Trust me. At least with this site, you know its an artist so
you expect the oddness. At Boo, you were TRYING to shop...note the


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