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Gijs van Tulder evolt at gmx.net
Fri Mar 7 16:41:01 CST 2003

Hi Liorean,

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> From: Liorean
> Does anyone here know a free, simple and small file & directory handling
> (list/upload/rename/delete/view are the only features needed) script?

You could install the Comet WebFileManager.
Though they advertise it as being 'simply a web file manager', I didn't find
it very simple. It has to much functions I don't need, that didn't work when
I tried to use them or that are to slow to use.

A much simpler script is the WebExplorer of Sune Alexandersen. This is a
one-file script, instead of CWFM's whole directory tree. (Actually, it does
come with a few icons, but you don't have to copy them.) You can almost copy
and paste the script and it works. Unlike CWFM, it doesn't have
authentication, so you'll have to .htaccess that yourself.

The script should be at http://suneworld.com/programs/, but that site
doesn't seem to work at the moment. I uploaded my tar.gz of the program to
my site, so you can download it from there:

I would recommend the WebExplorer.



Gijs van Tulder
gvtulder at gmx.net

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