[thelist] Interactive GIS mapping

Steve Hasz steve at roatanet.com
Sat Mar 8 01:49:00 CST 2003

Hi Amy,

The Open Source Mapserver tool is at:

Here's an application of Mapserver using DHTML:

And the same using Java:

Although, I also really like this Flash version of a map utility, and have
been looking for the Flash source file if anyone has it:

I'm involved in the process of a Mapserver install and implementation for a
volunteer project and would be glad to let you know how that is going if it
will help.  The project goal is stated as, "We are dedicated to the
compilation, organization, processing, and distribution of data and
information about ecological, environmental, Earth Science, and related
topics pertaining to Central America."  Basically, it's about the
dissimination of GIS info to portray environmental states in Central

If anyone is interested in that sort of volunteer work, the main page is
http://garrobo.org/ and the page about the GIS work is at
http://geo.garrobo.org/ , where you can also find the mailing list.  We are
beginners at using Mapserver and are installing it on a dedicated server at
a university.

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<<I have a client who would like interactive GIS mapping on his website
for a hydrologic study he is conducting.  I'm not sure where to begin
with that one.  Any suggestions?>>

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