[thelist] Unreasonable host?

Cake cake at brothercake.com
Sat Mar 8 23:58:00 CST 2003

It is in our SLA that they charge us per day, pro-rata, for anything
over and above the normal operations.  I must admit .. these answers
have cooled me - of course it's reasonable.

What was swaying me was that I had a similar situation a few months ago
- different host/same spec - and they did it at no charge within 30
minutes; but that was a VM server on a cheap hosting package ...
security like that is a completely different ball game; and I better
appreciate that now.

But because we've already had some contractual "tension"(!) with this
host, over other things, I'm very keen to make sure we only pay for
staging time and not for their learning curve.

Anyway, thanks for the replies; they've helped very much :)


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