[thelist] centering trouble

Heather Quinn hgquinn at attglobal.net
Sun Mar 9 09:09:00 CST 2003

Hi, Gregory.

In both examples, you've explicitly coded the widths of the image cell
and the nav cell below it (cell "stack") as 203 px.

In the working example, the "stack" renders at 203 px, because the image
above the nav is 181 px wide, and thus fits within your width

In the non-working example, the "stack" renders at 253 px because the
image above the nav is 253 px wide, forcing the stack width to expand.
 IE is now caught between two widths, your coded 203 px, and the
rendered 253 px, and it can't calculate an accurate midpoint for the nav
cell, so it does its default left-align thing.

Recommendation: code a width for only the image cell, not the nav cell
below it, i.e., remove the cell width from all pages' nav cells.  Then
IE will only have the rendered cell width to deal with, and the
centering will work.

Gregory Wostrel wrote:

>...In the Paintings section the 1,2,3
>nav center under the images, in the Drawings section some do and some
>don't. I will not be at all surprised to find that the problem is some
>stupid thing staring me in the face...
>for example-
>This page works:
>This one doesn't:
>Thanks in advance,
>Gregory Wostrel
>gw at gwcreative.com
>Communications and the Art of Simplicity

Heather Quinn
info at windyhilldesign.com

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