[thelist] php display "" '' / gif?

Wil Cone wil at inaridesign.com
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Unless I'm mistaken, all you need to do is get rid of the ' after .gif

Your code reads like:

echo ("<img...") + ($County) + (".gif") followed by >" ... i.e. too many

- hope this helps

- Wil

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I have a line of code that displays an image for example:

echo "<img src=\"$Relative/images/Clover".$County . '.gif'>";

however the image wdoesn't show?

If I have:

/* Image here */
echo "<img src=\"$Relative/images/Clover/".$County."\">";
/* Image will END here */

The image shows but *** the image will only show if it has *no* file
extention :(

I want a file extention .gif any ideas where the code is tricking me :)


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