[thelist] (poss off-topic) web based product testing?

kristina ml at kfxdesign.net
Mon Mar 10 09:00:01 CST 2003


On Mon, 10 Mar 2003, at 15:23:55 [GMT +0100] Stephane wrote:

>>   Would it be on-topic to post product test requests?

DSDS> I'm sure I've already seen this kind of posts on thelist and I
DSDS> find it on-topic

  Whew ok then here goes!  ;o)

  We have two products that would benefit from testing and critiquing.

  http://octopus.eddystone.com - which is a 'specialist' search
  - introduction page http://www.eddystone.com/apps/octopus/

  - painless online database - upload a csv file to create an online
  - introduction page http://www.eddystone.com/apps/pod/

  All thoughts, comments & criticisms gratefully received.



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