[thelist] Select - forms

Rich Gray rich at f1central.net
Mon Mar 10 09:33:01 CST 2003

> ok here is the link if you select Somerset and then nothing except what is
> displayed as set of results get returned.
> If you then choose any other county the same reults remain there
> untill you then
> hit the submit button again, so there is some type of refresh
> problem I think or
> the form isn't right :(
> http://www.punterspower.co.uk/index.php
> here is the code:

The behaviour is what I would expect. You are populating the drop down
options using php so to refresh the city list the county form needs to be
submitted to the server so that php can re-build the city list. If you want
that process to be automatic then you'll need a client side javascript event
handler to automatically submit the form on change of county... eg


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