[thelist] Select - forms confused

Andrew andrew at humanbehaviour.co.uk
Mon Mar 10 13:01:01 CST 2003

I have to ask this again many apologises. This really isn't making sense at all.

The form I have is sending / returning results 'after' the form has been

This is very wqierd and no doubt someone knows exactly why this is occurring, I
for the life of me don not think this is a javascript issue or should I say I am
sure with or without javascript this problem can be rectified.

So here it is again.  select county (which is the equivalent of a state but
smaller) when that county is selected the form takes you to another page with a
new form but where the county selection provides specific towns and cities to
that county.  If a town or city is selected and then it's best to do this
actually if you have time!

select Somerset and then on the next page just select another county (top
dropdown) with selecting anything else.  You will then be present with results
from the previous selection which cant be right?


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>Jeff the article is techically clear (I assume). The problem for me was
>interpreting the use of javascript.  Should it be used? and  where should it be
>used?  I wasn't sure whether you were saying use it or don't use it and if so
>why and I guess alittle more importnatly how (I really don't know js)
>My form is it appears showing results from a previous query which doesn't make
>sense, what I can't understand is why javascript should play any part in
>querying the Db?

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