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Michele Foster michele at wusc.ca
Mon Mar 10 13:29:01 CST 2003


Let me try and take a stab at this .. only cos I'm dreading printing out all 2000 pages of our current web site ;)

If I understand ..

Page 1 - Select Country

Page 2 - Show Options for Country X

There you have two options:

(1) Do not allow the user to select a different Country from page 2.  If the user wants to select a different country then they must go back to Page 1 to do so.


(2)  User is allowed to select a different Country, they must then Submit that form which is just self-processing itself but with the new Country.

I think the step you are missing is that you are not giving them a way to resubmit the form again.

The others are trying to give you a way to populate the menus with JS .. so that it's a client-side redisplay of the data as opposed to resubmitting the form and requesting it from the server.

Since your JS is limited .. as is mine .. and since I prefer to not use a JS only solution .. I'd go the other route and re-process the form, which requires that the user resubmit it.

Oops, change "Country" to "County" above.

Personally, I find your example a bit confusing.  I go to the main page, I select a County and click [Find Company].

Now I have three drop downs .. Cities (?) and Business Types as well as County.

I can change the County here if I click on the first arrow .. which is what I expect to happen.

And this resubmits the form and shows me the new Cities for that County.  Isn't that what should happen?

Since I'm unable to actually get any results from any of the combination I've tried .. I'm not sure what's not working for you.

Anyway, this message is probably not helpful .. I'm not sure what isn't working as you want it to and what it is you want to do.


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> From: Andrew [mailto:andrew at humanbehaviour.co.uk]

> This is very wqierd and no doubt someone knows exactly why
> this is occurring, I
> for the life of me don not think this is a javascript issue
> or should I say I am
> sure with or without javascript this problem can be rectified.
> So here it is again.  select county (which is the equivalent
> of a state but
> smaller) when that county is selected the form takes you to
> another page with a
> new form but where the county selection provides specific
> towns and cities to
> that county.  If a town or city is selected and then it's
> best to do this
> actually if you have time!
> select Somerset and then on the next page just select another
> county (top
> dropdown) with selecting anything else.  You will then be
> present with results
> from the previous selection which cant be right?
> http://www.punterspower.co.uk

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