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Mon Mar 10 13:41:06 CST 2003

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Try this:
First make list A a list of hyperlinks with a get url format i.e. :
Second, put the following (or something like it) in the section that is
tocontain your second list
if (isset($_GET['county']))/*  make sure there is something to get */
 require($_GET['county']); /* load the right file */

else /* use this as a default file to load */
Your include file will be list B. In list B the href would read something
Alarm Systems</a>
Lastly, in your main content section use a similar script to load the corect
if (isset($_GET['county']) && isset($_GET['option']) )/*  make sure there is
something to get */
 require($_GET['option']); /* load the right file */

else /* use this as a default content file to load */
One other thing, I noticed that whatever script you are using to write out
the 'middle table' is including the escaping '\'  :
<TABLE cellpadding=5 cellspacing=3 width=\"100%\" border=0>
   <TD valign=\"top\" align=\"left\" class=\"city\">

You have selected  if you can not see your City or town you can either view
the full list of Cities and Towns or tell us and we will add to our records
<TD valign=\"top\" align=\"left\" class=\"companydesc\">

<img src="http://www.punterspower.co.uk/images/shire/Suffolk.gif">

Let me know if this helps.
vreeland at studioframework.com

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