[thelist] Magical Program (Site Map)

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Mon Mar 10 15:32:00 CST 2003

> This site is such a mess it's not even funny.  Oh well.
> I'm in the process of going through page-by-page, recording
> all links and printing every page.  We figure I might be done
> by end of day tomorrow. ;)

they're **paying** you to do this?  by the hour??

holy government boondoggle, batman

well, at least my taxes are going to a nice lady


try Astra SiteManager

  "Astra SiteManager scans your entire Web site--highlighting
   functional areas with color-coded links and URLs--to provide
   a complete visual map of your site. Using this map, you can
   pinpoint broken links or access problems, identify key usage
   patterns for improving Web site effectiveness and validate
   dynamically generated pages. With Astra SiteManager, your
   Web site is under control."

apparently free to try (and that would make you a hero today)

the only reason i didn't mention this earlier is because i was certain
someone else would come up with some nifty open source freeware
which would do the trick for you

disclaimer: i'm not even a user (i tried Astra SiteManager a few
years ago, it was okay then, and presumably it'll do what you want today)


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