[thelist] Andrew's drill-down problem (was: Select - forms)

Andrew andrew at humanbehaviour.co.uk
Tue Mar 11 02:37:14 CST 2003

I think Erik it is you that is getting confused and again as I pointed out to
Rudy a short time ago there are 1001 solutions to the same 'problem' this isn't
a big problem and I am not making a big deal about it.

It's simple. I agreee with you if you are saying is that the navigation should
be intuitive.

Half the people on the interent can't read their native language correctly.
(probably why there are 1001 solutions to the sae problem, when infact they are
all the same but in different variations) The best way to filter towns and
cities is via counties (and I would predict that 50% of the population have no
idea what county they are in)

To use Javascript or not to that isn't a question!

To clarify the post I sent to Erik: Different to his interpretation.
"I appreciate what you have said and I find the solution other than javascript!
It was myself that pointed this out and I did post the full code after it was
requested and yes it's boring as hell.

I did do the code with a few poibters from mysql list and evolt thelist and it
was hard work but worth it.

Apologises for the thread getting out of hand I will post a meassge when I have
complted the solution, which should be next week sometime :)


Apologises for confusing all of you with my drop down navigation problem.

Anyway the simple answer to all of this (just for the brain surgeons amongst
you) is to have no records selected at all and 'no javascript'
>---  Please Select a County      --<
>--   Please Select a Town / City --<
>--   Please Select an Industry   --<

Thank you all who helped out


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>> has already been found?
>Christ, is this one going to be more confusing than the first? Unless a
>message didn't get delivered to me, yes, the last post from Andrew was
>something like "I'm still confused, but JavaScript is not the answer
>I'm looking for." There's been code posed as a suggested solution, but
>as Rudy pointed out, "here, as with other problems involving populating
>web pages from a database, the key step is information architecture,
>not coding." ... you can give a man a fish ... etc etc.
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