[thelist] Web Traffic Software

Bruce Wilbur thelist at brucew.com
Tue Mar 11 22:34:27 CST 2003

Rob Smith wrote:
> Have you used it? I too sent a message to them. Frankly, I'm just curious if
> it can monitor/handle our traffic. Our current average is 4M hits/year and
> rising...fast.

That's what? 350,000 a month, give or take?  I concatenated three months of logs for a client.  It came out to about 235,000 lines, (notice I'm steering clear of the ill-defined "hits" word).  Went through it nice as you please with nary a hiccup including the reverse-DNS lookups.  (Athlon XP 1800+, 1GB RAM, XP-Pro, RoadRunner) Took only a couple of minutes, mostly waiting for the reverse-DNS requests to come back.

I don't expect it would have trouble with 350,000 lines a month.  I'm not willing to speculate much further on someone else's software when I've done so little testing.  The full version 30-day trial is free, so download it and experiment for yourself.

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