[thelist] Unicode in FrontPage2K

Aaron Cole awcole72 at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 12 19:00:57 CST 2003

One of the people I support at work is having a lot of problems with spam 
sent to the email addresses listed on her office's website.  She asked 
around and decided on using the unicode @ in place of the @.

Made sense to me, so I said "go ahead".

The problem we've run into is that FrontPage converts the unicode back to 
the @ symbol when you reopen the file.

Has anyone else experienced this with FP?  And, is this a good solution to 
thwart smammers?


PS:  FP is the chosen HTML editor around here.  I'm doing my best to get the 
top brass to switch to DWMX, but that's going to take awhile.

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