[thelist] Re: Macromedia & "Rich Internet Applications"

CODEDONE codedone at operamail.com
Sat Mar 15 00:11:59 CST 2003

        In response :
    Macromedia is the best technology on the web. And has been for some time now. 
    Though the learning curve has increased greatly in Flash, so has the potential of the software. I say again, potential!

    Flash can do great things but it is indeed hard to find, examples of such things. Emirals.com sux as any type of advanced real world example of what Flash can do. And to tell you the truth there are none that I have found yet that are perfect examples, but the potential is there.

    I think the key with the Macromedia site as well as any site there should be backward and forward compatibility, including Emerils.com.
This should not be the answer that a retail business gives.

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