[thelist] [DHTML] Elements with the same ID

Martin martinmc116 at austin.rr.com
Wed Mar 19 02:45:31 CST 2003

Most replies intent on helping end with..
Hope this helps,

I started reading my email from thelist and came across the message in reply
to Erik's question about the id's and it came across quite derogatory.  The
thing I appreciate about cyberspace is the genuine friendly assistance aimed
at everyone making an effort in cyberspace.  The reply I read, tainted by my
own subjectiveness, came across like a blow to the head.  If I read into the
response foo1 and foo! == FOOL, my oversensitive error. Otherwise, my
comments were aimed at civil cyberspace interactions.  I want to feel like
my low-level questions will be addressed with dignity, not headswollen
retorts.  I guess I'm a bit touchy, I've heard 15 years of Customer Service
can get to you.  I apologize for the less-than-geek misunderstanding.  Gimme
time, I'll get there.
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> Dear Martin:
> On Tue, Mar 18, 2003 at 11:59:20PM -0800, Martin wrote:
> > Is foo1 and foo! a straight, "hey, dumb ass....?" (i.e. fool). If so,
> > off the web, no one develops with such abusive assaults.
> I think you'll find many developers using the generic words "foo" and
> "bar" as variable names. It's possible this is limited to computer science
> geeks, but even I know about it so it mustn't be that obscure. ;)
> > If not, this reply does not apply to you.
> How curious.
> > ps. I noticed there was no signature.
> Do you mean the evolt signature, or do you mean Erik's signature (which
> was at the bottom of the email below his top post). It's possible you also
> mean a PGP signature. Could you please clarify?
> thanks
> emma
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