[thelist] using and presenting shared content

karen.longstaff at ntlworld.com karen.longstaff at ntlworld.com
Wed Mar 19 06:26:14 CST 2003

Welcome back evolt :-)  I will be making my contribution ... because your worth it ;-)

Now for the business.  I am developing a corporate website that has one main site and 25 child sites.  Each of the child sites has its own 'image' and external CSS is used to format the display of the page.

Some of the content will be shared across all the sites including the parent site.  I have tried using <iframe> to pull the shared content but this is problematic as the vertical size of the iframe will be dependant on window size.  There are also problems with some MAC browsers and display of the iframe.

I was musing over adding a string to the url link for the shared page and then using Request.Querystring to pull that value and use it to do a Document.Write in the Body OnLoad to apply the correct style.  But I have never done anything of this order and wondered if a) it would work and b) is there a better way.

Does anyone has any advice or any different ideas for sharing and presenting content.


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