[thelist] Delete all FP Code

Sharon F. Malone sfmalo at 24caratdesign.com
Wed Mar 19 05:07:55 CST 2003

Noah, you're quite right. I was thinking that Michelle was still going to use the site as a FP site. In other words, I wasn't thinking!  My bad.

> >Solution: use Includes. They're so easy to do in Front Page and do not 
> >require a .shtml extension. To assign include files to positions on your 
> >page, you'll need to be in the FP editor to do that. Any questions, you 
> >may contact me offlist.
> I haven't used FrontPage since FP98, but if the includes still work the way 
> they used to, you can't use FP's includes unless you're going to be 
> managing the site with FP.
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