[thelist] Errors 404 strange behavior (IIS/PHP) (resubmited)

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Hello all and sorry for re-asking, but my question was sent just prior to
the downtime and maybe someone can help. Sorry for those who re-read it.

> Hello all,
> At the office I've been using the "personalized errors" in
> IIS and I have it "redirect" to a /error404.php file (my IIS
> speaks french but any english-speaking-IIS user can correct
> and tell us what the exact phrasing is on their server).
> By default IIS does not send a correct header, it seems.
> I googlised and decided to try to add a header to
> /error404.php like this:
> header("HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found");
> But to no avail. IIS seems to somehow 'strip' the headers.
> So my error-checking software (Xenu Link Sleuth) does not
> tell me there's a 404 where there is one.
> Anyone knows how to make this bulldozer work?
> s t e f
> http://www.nota-bene.org/

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