[thelist] XML/XSL query

Peter-Paul Koch gassinaumasis at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 20 06:06:44 CST 2003

>How widespread is the use of XML/XSL for websites? As far as I can 
> >remember, I've seen no discussion of it on this list.

Can't remember if it was on Evolt, but I did see some XSL(T) questions in 
the past few months.

>A project I'm starting work on now has sparked an interest in XSLT and >it 
>is pretty amazing stuff. Why the silence?

Maybe because XSL is too complicated? I wrote one XSL app years ago, for use 
in IE5, and then I decided that client side XSL is not interesting. 
JavaScript is much more powerful.

As to server side XSL, it's only one of the many possibilities. All server 
side languages now offer XML parsers and libraries/modules that perform 
XML-DOM actions for you, so why should the average server side programmer 
switch from his familiar language to XSL?

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