[thelist] XML/XSL query

Brothercake cake at brothercake.com
Thu Mar 20 06:48:01 CST 2003

> I decided that client side XSL is not interesting. 
> JavaScript is much more powerful.

Personally, I find client-side uninteresting period; because of lack of 
browser support - ie6 and mozilla basically; I don't consider ie5 as 
having support because it's implementation is broken (based on a pre-
1.0 spec, to be fair.

> All server side languages now offer XML parsers and 
> libraries/modules that perform XML-DOM actions for you, 
> so why should the average server side programmer 
> switch from his familiar language to XSL?

How about - because XSL is platform and process independent; you can 
(for example) build sophisticated data-driven websites using XML and 
XSL, then move it from (or share its data and processes between) 
Apache/PHP to IIS/ASP, and only have to change *four lines of code* :)

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