[thelist] XML/XSL query

Brothercake cake at brothercake.com
Thu Mar 20 08:09:03 CST 2003

> Xsl lets me put all HTML output formatting info into an 
> external .xsl file, therefore it allows me to achieve a 
> much greater degree of separation between programming 
> logic and formatting info in my server-side code.

Good point, which I also forgot to mention ;)

Here's an interesting aside - with seperation like this, CSS becomes 
slightly superfluous - why have CSS when transformations are done with 
XSL - you could go back to using <font> tags and *still* have total 
seperation of presentation and content :D  

(that's a joke okay!)

As for "how often would you need to move servers" - well I'm working on 
exactly such a project now.  We're hosted on Apache but "might" be 
moving to IIS "at some point" in the next "few months or years"! Who 
needs that kind of headache? XML+XSL is like Tylenol :)

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