[thelist] grid data entry question for a database system

Pearson, John JOHN.PEARSON at eia.doe.gov
Thu Mar 20 13:23:31 CST 2003

Im about to reimplement a VB6 system that manages a database that we now realize
should have been a web app all along.  However one reason it isnt one is the
issue of data entry.

Are there any good editable grids out there that can be used for data input.  I
would like one that looks like a spreadsheet.  MS have at least one web activex
spreadsheets that allows for display but not update.  Any suggestions of others
(buy is an option) that would allow data entry???


<tip>gotomypc.com provides a really good way of remotely accessing ones work pc
from home.  It even works from australia where we should all probably be right

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