[thelist] CSS margin/padding

Raymond Camden ray at camdenfamily.com
Thu Mar 20 15:39:45 CST 2003

> div is not a suitable container for text
> use P instead, or in addition

I'll try that.

> now re-examine exactly *what* it is that you want padding on
> is it really the A?

Yes. In this case, it's a menu in a table cell, so the text won't be
_too_ long, but it may be jus tlong enough to wrap, and when it does
wrap, I need it to indent.

> what if an A is mid-sentence?  do you really want it to be padded

See above - that doesn't apply here.

> if it's actually the text block **that the A contains** that 
> you want padded, then i think you really want to apply the padding to 
> the P

I'll try! Thanks!

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