[thelist] Tutorial - step-by-step Linux install to make server

Kelly Hallman khallman at wrack.org
Fri Mar 21 02:35:43 CST 2003

On Sat, 15 Mar 2003, Hugh Blair wrote:
> All I want is an Linux/Apache/Perl/PHP etc server that's accessable
> internally from any Win cpu and looks like an Internet server, no
> connection (outgoing) to the outside world.

So just a test server for the LAN, not accessible by the public?  

Should be simple.  Do the Redhat text install...might be best to go 
through and pull up the help on each package to see if you want it or not.  
Since you don't need a GUI, don't install any of that stuff.

Take notes.  Utilize another system to look things up on the web.  
Install PuTTY on your Windoze machine(s).  Experiment!

On Fri, 21 Mar 2003, Scott Harman wrote:
> I'm currently running mandy 9 - I've found it to be far more reliable
> for a web development box than red hat - If you are keen on red hat
> (great gui) then stay well away for 8, unless you want to compile in
> apache 1.3.27. IMHO Apache 2.040/44 is wildly unstable and has no end of
> issues with various php applications.

I'm curious if anyone has any data on this.  I run Redhat 8 and Apache 2
on two of my servers (upgraded them from 7.3, no less).  I am a PHP
developer and have a fairly involved apache configuration.  I have
experienced none of the problems that many have noted about Apache2/PHP or
any Redhat 8 problems to speak of.  I don't run any GUI.

Since everyone seems so sure this is a doomed config, is there something I
can do or try that will demonstrate what is allegedly broken?

> BTW - why not have your linux box acting a nice firewall also?  the
> proxy servers available are very very good.

Getting the OS installed and everything set up and working will be enough 
of a task ... don't overload him, man!  :)

Kelly Hallman

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