[thelist] TIP: Homesite+ free with Dreamweaver MX

Raymond Camden ray at camdenfamily.com
Fri Mar 21 13:01:20 CST 2003

Be _sure_ to update your HS+ to the latest version. The version on the
CD has a crippled UI, however, the latest version is a darn fine version
and has replace my Studio 5. In fact, you are pretty safe just
considering HS+ as CF Studio 5.02.

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> I didn't know this until I installed the demo version of 
> Dreamweaver MX. The "Welcome" screen came up and Homesite+ 
> caught my eye. I was excited to learn that Homesite+ comes 
> with Dreamweaver, so I went back and whipped out my Studio MX 
> CD. Sure enough, there was a Homesite+ folder on that CD with 
> the installation file.
> For those of you who have stayed with CF Studio 5 because you 
> didn't like the Dreamweaver UI but were craving the CFMX 
> support, your answer is in
> Homesite+. So if you have the retail version of Dreamweaver 
> MX or Studio 
> Homesite+MX,
> check out Homesite+.
> You can find more information about Homesite+ on Macromedia's 
> web site too. </tip>
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